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The Type III secretion system (T3SS) is an essential mechanism for host-pathogen interaction in the infection process. A figure of the T3SS machinery is displayed at the bottom of this page. The proteins secreted through the T3SS machinery of many gram negative bacteria are known as T3SS effectors (T3SEs). These can either be localized subcellularly in the host, or be part of the needle tip of the T3SS that interacts directly with the host membrane to bring other effectors into the target cell.

Due to the key role of T3SS effector proteins in the establishment and maintenance of bacterial pathogenicity, considerable research have been placed upon the identification of T3SS effectors. As such, there is a need for an effective data management system to collate and classify all relevant information concerning T3SEs.

T3SEdb represents such an effort to assemble a comprehensive database of all experimentally determined and putative T3SEs into a web-accessible site. It contains more than 1089 entries of T3SS effector sequence data including primary sequences and functional annotations. Using the data in T3SEdb, we successfully developed a predictor for T3SS effectors with an Aroc value of ~91%.

Features of T3SEdb

  • Keyword-fielded search
  • Browse and filter using jQuery
  • Sequence similarity search using BLAST to annotated datasets, such as experimentally verified and hypothetical datasets.
  • T3SE sequences downloadable according to annotations.
  • Web-interface for submission of new T3SEs to allow curated input into the database.
  • Dynamically updated statistics, providing up-to-date general information on the records in the T3SEdb.
  • Prediction pipeline incorporating the best model developed using the annotated data in T3SEdb for scanning diverse bacterial genomes for selection of putative novel effector genes that can be experimentally validated.
  • Predicted T3SEs from Bacterial Genomes (under construction)
T3SS needle complex
Diagram illustrating the T3SS machinery
(image obtained from Wikipedia under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)